EXPLORE ANCIENT RUINS, Become a master thief, save the world

and that's just the BEGINNING!


Become a Thief

A priceless jewel just turned up in a local museum.

Your Team has someone on the inside who rigged the

place so you could get in and rob it. But things aren't so simple. You are going to have to hack the security system and extract that diamond out of a high-security vault before the Guards get back. Will you pull off the heist? Or will this be the job that finally lands you behind bars...

Players 2-8

Time 60 Minutes

Difficulty 8/10

Blast from the Past

Save the Arcade!

A Local arcade owner has gone missing and it is up to you to find out what happened. Rumors were all around town that the guy was trying to build some sort of "machine" and then one day - he vanished. The Feds say he was murdered but you don't buy it. Find out what happened to the owner of the Blast from the Past arcade - who knows you might even be able to save him (and the world!) 

Players 2-8

Time 60 Minutes

Difficulty 8/10



Intel just came through that a bomb has been planted

inside of a local motel. Problem is, there just isn't enough time

to evacuate the area. You and your team of Bomb Experts

have been called in to do what you do best: Defuse the Bomb. No one knows where the bomb is hidden - it will be up to you to figure that one out. Lives are on the line, and the clock is ticking. Will your team live to become the heroes?

Players 2-8

Time 60 Minutes

Difficulty 7/10


Restore Power before it's too late

A Top Secret government facility has mysteriously lost power and you are the only ones qualified to fix it. The generators are running but everyone in the facility is dead. It is going to be up to you to restore power before the generators die. If they do, whatever is contained here with be released into the world and the generators won't be the only thing dying today...
Note: Containment does feature low lighting levels and may not be appropriate for players who are sensitive to darkness or low lighting.


Players 2-8

Time 60 Minutes

Difficulty 7/10

Mystery Manor

Lift the Curse

An eccentric family has apparently left their entire fortune (and an incredible mansion) to their only living relative... YOU. Uncover the mysteries that surround this bizarre home and take home an immense fortune, or suffer a fate worse than death! This ghostly adventure is packed full of incredible effects and is sure to lift your spirits!

Players 2-8

Time 60 Minutes

Difficulty 6/10

Hidden Temple

Explore Ancient Ruins

You and your team of explorers have been hired to investigate the ruins of an old, Hidden Temple. Within these ruins lies a relic of un-measurable worth. The well-known explorer who uncovered the temple has gone missing, and the professor who hired you suspects he ran off with the relic. It is up to you to solve the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of those before you, and if possible - recover the relic. But be careful, these old ruins are known to be riddled with dangerous traps and unknown surprises!

Note: Hidden Temple does feature low lighting levels and may not be appropriate for players who are sensitive to darkness or low lighting.

Players 2-8

Time 60 Minutes

Difficulty 8/10


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