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  • What is your phone number and location?
    Sixty to Escape Illinois: Gurnee Mills - Entry J 6170 W. Grand Ave Gurnee, Illinois​ 844-623-7227 Sixty to Escape Wisconsin: Southridge Mall - Enter Next to Round 1 5300 S 76th St Greendale, WI 53129 (262) 404-9102
  • How many people can I have?
    For the best experience we recommend no more than 8 players per game. We find that groups of around 6 players work best.
  • How Much does it Cost?
    All games at Sixty to Escape are private experiences, so you will never be paired with strangers during your visit! Prices start at $90 per game, however Pricing varies by day, game and number of players. To get the most accurate pricing for your group - select your location above and click "Book Now" From there you can enter your number of players and get accurate pricing for any day or time!
  • Is it scary or claustrophobic?
    Absolutely not! We want everyone to have an excellent time in our experiences, so we design them to be appropriate for everyone! Also, you are never actually locked in and are able to leave your game at any time.
  • Is this Appropriate for Children?
    Our experiences are designed for Adults and Teens. However, they do make an excellent group activity for families. Our games are designed to challenge and test the minds of every player equally, as such, no discounts will be given for children, including infants and children in strollers. ​ Our age policy is as follows:13 and older: Okay to play alone Under 13: MUST have atleast one paid adult in the group
  • Is it Claustrophobic? Am I really LOCKED in?
    In thousands of games, claustrophobia has never been a problem for any of our guests. The games are actually quite large and you are never forced to be in any uncomfortable or confined spaces. Similarly, we do not handcuff or restrain you in any way. As for being locked in - our games are objective based. Your goal is to complete the story and escape your scenario (Like a bomb blowing us to pieces! Yikes!) That said, the doors are never locked. You are free to come and go as you please. Leaving your game won't stop the experience for anyone else, and you can always join back in.
  • How Do I Book?
    To Book, simply click your location above and select "BOOK NOW" If you prefer to speak to a booking representative, you can call us at: Illinois (Gurnee Mills Mall): (844) 623-7227 Wisconsin (Southridge Mall): (262) 404-9102
  • What do you mean by all Private experiences?
    Some escape rooms will allow strangers to join in on your adventure, at 60 to Escape we always want to deliver a top notch experience for your group and that starts with making sure your group is...well... YOUR group! To enhance every experience, no one will ever join in on your adventure making a truly private experience 100% of the time!
  • What if I don't know how many people I have in my group?
    In this case, we suggest reserving a private game, and book it/pay for the minimum . This will lock in your date and time so you don't lose it and you can add on as many players as needed at any time - even in person on the day of your event!
  • When do I show up?
    We ask that you arrive on time for your escape room experience to sign in and ensure your game starts on-time. Games start promptly at the time reserved, No Exceptions. This is a live event, please allow yourself ample time to arrive with your group. Time will be deducted from late arrivals.
  • What if I have more than 8 people?
    For a group of 8 or more players, please contact us at 844-62-ESCAPE and choose the "Large Groups and Events" option (extension 2). We will work with you to make your event happen!
  • I have a coupon. What do I do?
    Simply enter your promo code in the "promo code" box found while booking your game.
  • Do I have to book online?
    If space is still available we do accept walk-in customers, however we do sell-out often and we always recommend that you book ahead to ensure you get to play! If you prefer, you can also book via Phone or In Person at one of our locations. When reserving a game, a minimum payment of $90 is due at the time of booking.
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