EXPLORE ANCIENT RUINS, Become a master thief, save the world

and that's just the BEGINNING!

Pirates Curse

Search for a lost treasure!

Seeking a bit of adventure are we? You and your crew have just stumbled into Dead Man's Cove, and according to legend - "There be Treasure in these coves" Some say this place is cursed, many have set course to this place, yet none have returned... Will your crew be the ones to finally escape and uncover these riches? ...Or have you just set sail into dangerous waters?

Epilepsy Warning: This experience contains brief thematic elements containing theatrical lighting and smoke elements that may irritate certain health conditions. 

Location Wisconsin

Time 60 Minutes

Difficulty 7/10


The Casino


Rob an underwater Casino!

You and your team have been hired to pull off the heist of a lifetime! Deep underwater is Poseidon's Treasure Casino, where millions of dollars in pure gold sits in the vaults. You will have to override the systems and travel to great depths to pull this off - but with great risk come great reward! Will you rob this casino blind, or will your team be sunk? Find out, in Sixty to Escape's biggest adventure ever! 

Epilepsy Warning: This experience contains brief thematic elements containing theatrical lighting and smoke elements that may irritate certain health conditions. 

Location Wisconsin
Players 2-8

Time 60 Minutes

Difficulty 8/10


Limited Time Only!

There  just isn't enough Christmas Spirit - and with out it, Christmas will be RUINED! It is up to you and your family to get the house ready for the holidays and restore the Christmas Spirit. But everything isn't as it seems - get ready for exciting twists and turns as you take on the challenge of SAVING CHRISTMAS! Take on the challenge and save the day in this incredible limited-time-only adventure!

Epilepsy Warning: This experience features moments containing theatrical lighting and elements that may irritate certain health conditions. 

Location Wisconsin
Players 2-6

Time 60 Minutes

Difficulty 6/10


We work hard so you can make a Clean Escape!


    • Sixty to Escape vows to never put you in a room with people you don't know. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your adventure.


    • We have extended the amount of time between games to ​allow for added cleaning measures. Because all of our games are private experiences, it allows us the unique opportunity to clean surfaces and object after every use - not just periodically throughout the day!


    • We use​ medical grade disinfectants to both wipe and mist areas to ensure maximum coverage.


    • We have upgraded all sign-in and booking processes online, so you will never need to use a share device. Our cash register systems all feature Chip and Touchless payment options (Like Apple and Android pay) so you will never need to touch any surface!


    • We have revised many aspects of our games and experiences that feature heavily touched or hard to clean elements.


    • Our Game Guides will always make an effort to keep their distance and limit their time around guests. All employees will be wearing face coverings and are required to wash hands before and after cleaning games.

Please Note: While we take special care and effort to make you and all of our guests as safe as possible, an inherent risk of being exposed to COVID-19 or any other health risk exists in any place where people are present. By visiting Sixty to Escape you voluntarily accept the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other risks that may be present. It is our suggestion that no-one attend any event where they feel uncomfortable, and we ask that if you or anyone in your group is feeling ill to not attend this or any other event. 

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